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Website Analysis

In contrast with traditional advertising media, Internet as an advertising space enables advertisers to record and analyse all the details of buyers’ response. Any change on your website can bring a measurable result, moreover, any negative or positive impact can be measured immediately.

In order to draw the right conclusions, first of all you need to know what is happening on your  website and why. Based on relevant statistics generated on the actual operation of your site, we prepare an analysis of the weaknesses of the site and make recommendations to resolve the issues found  in order to increase your income as much as possible.


website analysis

Some of the typical issues that we address during website analysis:


  • How much time do your visitors spend on different sections of your website?
  • What are they interested in? What should be changed on the site and what should be kept at any event?
  • Who are your buyers? Where do they come from – from which websites, which search engines and using what search keywords?
  • Where is it worth spending more money? How should you divide your marketing budget so  that it yields the most sales revenues?
  • Where else should you advertise?
  • How could you have more buyers?
  • How can you keep your ROI (Return On Investment) at a high level?


Surprising as it may sound, most of corporate website do not have a clear-cut  goal. Obviously, however, it makes a difference whether you want to persuade the user  to buy something online or  to register or to create content themselves on your site or in any of its sections.


Once you have defined your goal you “only” need to determine how you can achieve that goal  among the most visitors with the smallest investment. We undertake to make a plan based on our analysis to improve the effectiveness of your website.


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