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Running a website is very similar to running a shop: you can be successful only if people find on your site what they are looking for – and of course it is also essential that they know you have a shop and where they can find you.

Search Engines

The above statement may seem too trivial but  thousands of websites are launched every day without being noticed by those  who they are targeted at. Today, there are more websites than the  the world’s entire population – Google alone records 8 billion sites – so you cannot expect anyone to  browse through all the websites  they may find under your keyword.

They will do what you would also naturally do if you were looking for something on the web: they type in a word in the search engine  and then select from the first few matches the one that looks most relevant.

As according to surveys, 90% of people use search engines, and in 89.8% of cases they choose from what is offered on the first page, it is clear that the you only have a chance to attract a big number of visitors – and thereby generate income – if your website gets among the first, whether on Google or Yahoo or on Bing. While analysing your website,  we also examine how search engine optimisation could improve your position in leading search engines with those keywords that are relevant to You .

With our help you can get on the first page of Google!

The search engine optimisation process

The first step is to review the current operation of your website. The search engine optimisation process can only start after this. More exactly, this review includes analysing your website which we do using the Google Analytics analysis tool. It will show how your website is being used. A badly managed website, e.g. on which users are unable to navigate, is not worth developing to attract more visitors until this defect is resolved.

Real work can start only after we have completed all steps of website development and we have a properly working website.

Those steps are as follows:

1. Identifying the right keywords

The first and foremost step in search marketing is to identify the right keywords i.e. keyword research. Even defining the right number of keywords is a difficult task. How many keywords should we select and based on what criteria? This question cannot be unambiguously answered as this is a complex problem with many factors. Keywords can be grouped also by their difficulty (from the aspect of use). Every word has its own frequency on the web. For example Google returns 4.6 million hits to the word “climate”  whereas “climate Budapest” returns only 138 thousand. Obviously, it is much easier to secure a good position for the latter.

2. Transformation of your website

Google decides on the position of your website partly based on the website content. An important step in search marketing is to modify your website to meet this criterion. Before, it used to be enough to re-configure some meta tags and titles but today you need more than that. In a couple of weeks after the modification, results start to show and your positions start to improve.

3. Content expansion

In addition to the existing website content, you often need to also modify its wording so as to achieve better results. There are two solutions here. The content necessary for this is prepared either by the client or by the firm providing the SEO service. The latter solution of course entails extra costs.

4. Link building

The number and quality of links pointing to your website is also important in securing a good position. It is recommended to acquire thematic links i.e. the link should point to your site from a website that is similar to yours.

5. Website analysis – Setting goals

Continuous analysis of your website is also an important part of the search marketing project. You have to know what activity is measured on your website at the given moment. An excellent tool for this is Google Analytics which offers a number of statistics. Goal setting means that measuring the given URL has started. The goal is to make the user reach the desired point of your website. For example it can be a request for quotation, or making a purchase. These goals can and should be measured.

ga analysis
6. Monitoring – Reports

Proper control and reporting are essential parts of each SEO project. Firms that do not report on their work will usually not follow up on the progress of their project and thus cannot guarantee results, either

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