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Google Ads Impression Checker

Find out exactly where and when your ad will appear

Many of our clients want to know if their ad is actually being shown to their target audience searching the Internet. Although the Google Ads administration interface gives us information about impressions, these data usually only contain percentages and total impressions per day.

Despite this, often only the actual search is the real test in the eyes of advertisers. This is considered a real result. This is when they search for their most important keywords and indicate the lack of appearance to us.

As distrust grows, they ask their friends to search for the ad to see if it appears in their place.

  • This software is intended to replace these manual searches!
  • The actual appearance may differ from the data available by the system
  • It is important to know how users see us
  • Securing our Advertising Position

Step By Step:


Enter desired keywords and web pages for checking

Enter a maximum of 3 keywords and 3 domain names that you want to check during the day. With the help of our system, in addition to the positions of our own website, it is also possible to query the advertisements of our competitors.

Multiple automatic checks per day

Advertisers often ask whether our ad will be displayed at the end of the day. That is, is there a sufficient frame for the appearance. In order to query this information, it is possible to query it 2 times during the day, the time of which can be set as desired in the system.

Send e-mail report automatically

The system can be used in several ways. Either we send the results in which the ad positions appear every day, or we only send a signal if certain conditions are met. For example, our ad does not appear for a given keyword.

Display a graphic list of results

In order to ensure that the checking of the queried results is easy, not only the positions but also the image of the actual result list is stored in a displayable form. In this photo, you can see exactly the location and exact text of the ad.

Individual warnings can be set

The system gives you the option to create individual alerts. For example: I only request a notification if my ad is not displayed, or if my ranking is worse than a certain position. Customizing this may be necessary if I only want to be informed about events in certain cases, but do not want to deal with this on a daily basis.

Shopping campaign appearance check

For the specified keywords, we can examine not only normal text ads, but also shopping ads. Shopping ads can appear in two positions on the results page. The system examines and indicates both.



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