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During the Covid Quarantine, expanding the contents of the website is an excellent pastime

During our SEO projects, we regularly hear from many of our clients (website and webshop owners) that they do not have time to create content for their own website. Most often, content writing tasks are left behind or transferred to us but there is a more ideal solution, and that solution is you. After all, you understand your own business and profession better than we do, and you can write more professional, authentic and valuable content than us.

Now, the situation caused by the coronavirus is disrupting the life of every company in Hungary (also). There are companies that can’t help hurrying and working because the demand for their products and services has increased. E.g. online pharmacies, distributors of hygiene products, food webshops, food delivery, etc. And, unfortunately, there are also companies and individual entrepreneurs whose services and products have fallen in demand. The latter can use this downtime for their website. Here are some tips for this:

Photos, images:

  • if there are few images on the website for the textual content, now is the time to improve it. We can search free image databases for images for these texts. Or we can even spend a few thousand forints on it (if we can) at paid image agencies.
  • if there are no product images, or not for all products, or if there is only 1, and competitors operate with more images – let’s even create images ourselves. Obviously, the result is better if it is taken by a professional photographer, but on some websites you can find pictures that are so bad that they can be improved with amateur photos.
  • we can also make a video: even using PowerPoint (after making a few slides in ppt, we can save it as a video file and it’s ready). But we can also look for more professional video production tools.


  • we can expand the product descriptions (if they are short or incomplete)
  • if we have a service, expand the description of our services
  • let’s start running a blog, write blog-themed articles

And what should we write about, where should we get topic ideas from?

  • let’s look at the websites of competitors and get ideas from there
  • let’s look at the websites of suppliers and manufacturers (we can even write about them, present them and the brands we sell to customers)
    search for your own topic in blogs and forums. Here, users raise problems and questions (ideally about a product or service that affects us).
  • We can even respond to these in the given forum, but they can also be very useful as topic ideas. Let’s write our own blog article and answer the question / questions that we have read.
  • And if, even with these, there is still time to develop the website and take further steps, contact us and our company will help you with search engine optimization. SEO is a longer-term process, if you want results in months or half a year, you should start now!

The big advantage of this job is that you don’t even have to leave your home, it can be done online. And of course we don’t have to leave the house either, we can work online too.

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