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Competitor Analysis

An analysis that helps you check the current position of your competitors.

The effectiveness of websites in Google largely depends on what other market players are also there in the given segment. Learn how you can beat your competitors by using our analysis tool. Fortunately, the competitor analysis can show this so that you know exactly what you can do to improve your position.

Using the competitor analysis tool you can get an idea of the position your website occupies on the Internet as compared to your competitors’ websites. We will analyse how you rank in Google search with your most important keywords and how your competitors rank. Your position largely depends on the content of your website as well as on the link strategy you formulate.

Obviously, if we examine the differences between your competitors’ and your own website we can gain information on how your website could be more effective in search engines. These pieces of information are summarised in this document.

For the analysis you need to identify the keywords that you are interested in and the addresses of competitors’ websites that you want to examine.


The competitor analysis includes:

  • The ranking of your keywords in Google’s search engine
  • The average Pagerank value on the first page
  • The average number of links that others have and that you could also have!
  • Site sizes on the first page.
  • The sizes of competitors’ websites
  • The number of incoming links of competitors
  • Detailed link analysis
  • Broken links that deteriorate your Google ranking
  • The speed of your website
  • The age of the domain which also counts
  • Site summary report
  • Summary

Order our competitor analysis now so that you learn what you should improve on your website!

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