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The ideal Google Adwords or CPC campaign:



  • It yields more than it costs
  • It is well targeted
  • Optimized and therefore low cost solution
  • Produces high conversion rates


Among the available CPC (Cost Per Click) systems, Google Adwords is the most popular. We undertake to conduct complex CPC campaigns: we offer these primarily because in case of this product our clients only have to pay for actually acquired visitors as opposed to traditional ads where the price depends on the number of displays.


campaign management

The advantages of click based (CPC) campaigns:

  • It brings immediate result in contrast with traditional SEO
  • Strictly success oriented: only actually acquired visitors are getting billed
  • You can define an unlimited number of keywords
  • The ads can be positioned to country, language or even to smaller regions
  • Advertising costs can be controlled effectively
  • The results can be clearly measured
  • Google Adwords is directly linked with Google Analytics

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